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Dog and Butterfly

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I just don't know what to say

I just don't know what to say, I been haveing loads of fun in Q&A asking and answering questions, but every so often you come across that one that screams out for help. Their always so young, In 15teen to 17teen age range. I want to help but find myself questioning myself, what if i say the wrong thing, and it pushes them over the edge??? Should I just ignor them altogether? anyone got any ideas?

A new beginning

I woke this morning my joints a little stiff, the light shooting threw my eye sockets hurt my head. An old year had past and a new one just begun. No, I did not go out partying; instead, I stayed home sipping rum cokes, and explored EP I found it to be a fitting end and a new beginning to a new year.
Being new to EP I am not sure how everything works just yet, but I am learning and having fun doing so. I made one friend and hope to make many more.
I’ve been in the doom and gloom long enough, and made a resolution to start living my life the way I always dreamed it should be.

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